22 maggio 2012

20 maggio 2012

At Milano Marittima lookin' for' Edd

At Milano Marittima, great night spent with my crazy friends...but we lookin' for one in particular...Edddddd where are u?!

16 maggio 2012

Workin' at Exposanità - Bologne

In Bologne to workin' as an Hostess for Exposanità2012, stunning days, i have appreciate all stands n their medical stuff...I hope that research and design of advanced materials and tools, always continue to make great strides to improve the health service.

4 maggio 2012

At seaside with Carrie

First time in her life to the seaside...she was totally euphoric.. ran up and down the shore and then taking a running start ... has jumped into the sea.
She really had a good time.