20 settembre 2012

roccobarocco P/E 2012-2013 - Milan Fashion Week

First thing, i want to talk about the location, what from the outside seemed to be a normal location revealed to be, once inside, an impressive installation which embodied fashion itself. Yes, a second after i got in I already was breathless.
A bright low light came from the bottom of the catwalk, which shined itself of the same relaxing light.
Little drops came down from those golden walls, coming with them the nature sound of a river surrounded the audience.
Trees were placed just beyond seats, the atmosphere was astonishing.
Clothes with an extraordinary visual richness make up collection with dynamic modernist glamour for the new roccobarocco spring summer.
A taste for the artisan manufacture and material opulence, lace and brocade is reworked in a new more light-hearted sense of fashion making.
The true code of this collection is the oriental mood.
The designer himself replaces traditional prints with an innovative technique of oriental inspiration.
The body shape always enhances femininity.
Indeed, his inspiration takes after the primal sense of purity and directness that always have been shown from these ancient cultures.
Floral pattern, tortoiseshell geometrics and decoration lacquered onto fabrics take on an unusual tactile effect on fabulous brocade and lamé tunics, classy little dresses, the pleating on lace tops, chiffon dresses, maxi shirts in organza and even on jeans and denim jackets. A brocarde inlay flashes like a deep gash of light across a long evening dress in gold lacquered georgette. Chiffon lace printed an black georgette.
Palazzo pants in satin and very sensual single-shoulder dresses and animalier and tropical flower print interweave on super-fluid blouses. Ironic skirt feature pop print of different symbolic Italian sights, such as Piazza Duomo, the Coliseum and Piazza San Marco.
This decisive desire for anti-understatement is the roccobarocco expression of a totally contemporary vision of Made in Italy.

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